ellis, uk: fuck love, give me diamonds
i'm already in love with myself /


horoscope app: today u gonna #stunt on these hoes
me: damn….das tru

Anonymous said: can you gif nicki in senile music video please?

i’ll try!!

Anonymous said: oh i'm sorry, you already answer about that... by the way, your gifs are awesome

thank you! :)

Young Money - Senile (feat. Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Tyga) 

- Purchase on iTunes (x)

i wanna do the make me choose meme!!! make me choose between two people and i’ll gif whoever i prefer :)))



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Anonymous said: I know you used caliber on your iggy gifset, but was it bold, italic and how did you made the black borderline? thank you

you just double click on the text layer and click drop shadow and stroke :)

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Anonymous said: helloo would you mind telling me your sharpen settings on gifs? pretty please also congratulations for the iggy thingg :)

thank youuuu!! here u go :)

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you and i is the best song they’ve literally ever made and it does not deserve that shitty video

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catchmes said: omfg so happy for you that iggy posting your gifset on insta!

thank you omfg i literally love her so much

rawrcherbear said: Oh my god I saw Iggy posted your gif set and I was like whoa I saw that this morning ahhhh congrats

sjskksksbd thank you babe!!

Anonymous said: what do you think of marie? I mean, selena marie? I love your tumblr xoxo

selena as in gomez??? if so then shes an angel i love her, thank youuuu xxx